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Organisational culture plays a critical role in shaping the future of work and this is why The People Space has been proud to be Media Partner for the Business Culture Awards since its inception.

At The People Space our mission is to inspire HR and people leaders to seize and shape the future of work. Our audience of curious people-first leaders want to continually reinvent themselves and their teams to deliver modern working practices and high impact, sustainable value in a world where humans and machines will increasingly collaborate.

We help them by providing action-based insights from leading global thinkers and HR practitioners on The People Space website, a bi-monthly free newsletter and Work’s Not Working… Let’s Fix It! podcast

But that’s not all! World at Work finds more than a third of organisations are not providing opportunities to upskill their HR department (more than any other function). Meanwhile, Boston Consulting Group and The World Federation of People Management Associations finds future-of-work related areas, such as AI and digital in HR, to be the lowest ranking capability of 32 people management topics. As long as the balance of HR work remains more administrative and process focused, HR professionals are at risk of being ‘automated’.

So, we also help HR professionals advance their careers and personal development through our community-powered learning on the Future of Work 4 HR platform

Siân Harrington, co-founder The People Space

Siân Harrington, co-founder The People Space and Digital Influencer of the Year 2023 – WTW Media Awards, says: “In the race to become the winning organisation of the future we must remember that it’s not a digital transformation without a digital culture. Organisations today must embrace technology and create a progressive and adaptable culture if they are to ignite innovation, inclusivity, continuous learning and adaptability – the essential components of a future-orientated powerhouse organisation.”

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