Wednesday, 13th March | 1pm GMT | 2pm CET | 8am ET

Stress management in the workplace: how to tackle the problem, not the symptoms

Wednesday, 13th March | 1pm GMT | 2pm CET | 8am ET

Stress management in the workplace: how to tackle the problem, not the symptoms

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Session Themes: Mindset & Behaviour Change, Culture Transformation, Learning

Research shows 23.3 million working days are lost to stress and burnout costing UK businesses £28bn a year.* Recent studies also show that there is no evidence mental health interventions like mindfulness, resilience and stress management apps benefit employees.**

Our greatest assets are our people. So how do we take a proactive approach to deal with the problem rather than the symptoms of stress which are affecting output and ultimately business performance in many organisations today, alongside existing mental health interventions?

We heard how organisations can help themselves to deal with the underlying causes contributing towards higher stress.

In the industrial revolution, industry expanded rapidly without much thought to the physical safety and comfort of employees. Culture was not considered as a driver of business success and the law was required to step in when accidents inevitably led to injury or even death. In the modern workplace we face a revolution of a different sort. The pace of technological change is expanding rapidly, demands on us through our modern environment are impacting mental safety and comfort of people in, and outside of, work. We are bombarded with information, leading to a significantly increased mental load. The focus of most organisations is to drive growth as the main factor underpinning their success, and this is too often is in direct conflict with crafting the best experience for their employees. Forward-thinking companies focus on creating a positive and productive culture and experience; understanding that mental wellbeing must be managed and approached in a strategic and comprehensive way.

*Axa UK and Centre of Economic and Business Research **Published Jan 2024 Oxford University Industrial relations Journal

Our speakers shared:

1. Why research suggests that current mental health interventions are not getting to the crux of the problem
2. How to practically redefine the approach towards stress management in organisations
3. How to identify the right issues to address in different workplaces, with their own unique culture, purpose and strategy
4. How to practically apply the right actions in your own organisation to achieve results


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