celebrating today's exceptional business culture

Now Open for Entries

Entry Deadline 5th July

celebrating today's exceptional business culture

Now Open for Entries

Entry Deadline 5th July


Key Dates 2024

Award Entries Open Now  Download an Entry Kit
Early Bird Deadline - 26th April
Business Culture Connected Conference - 9th May
Awards Entry Deadline - 5th July
Finalists Announced – 4th September 
Awards Event - Winners announced - 13th November

2024 marks the 9th annual Business Culture Awards, celebrating organisations across diverse sectors for work which enables better working lives. Each has different areas of focus depending on their ambition and strategy, including future workplace readiness; creating sustainable mindset and behaviour shifts; leading with purpose; building workforce resilience and ability to change and refocussing DEI, wellbeing and employee listening strategies. More than ever, companies need to prioritise their culture to retain the best people.

Benefits of recognition for business culture

The Business Culture Awards gives forward-thinking organisations a way to celebrate work which sets their employees up to succeed; recognising how employee experience is fundamental to business performance. By strengthening your culture and sharing the outcomes you are:

• Creating a sustainable competitive advantage that is much harder to imitate than your products or services.
• Focusing on your employee engagement, one of your leading metrics of organisational performance.
• Applying an effective channel to promote, within and outside of your sector, how your company values its unique culture and its people.
• Gaining access to the powerful Business Culture network and community, which comprises leading practitioners and thinkers in HR and business.
• Demonstrating value to your investors or stakeholders by aligning a stand-out customer brand to an exceptional employer brand.

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Your culture is underpinned by all the elements you create and evolve: technology advances; learning initiatives; a drive for diversity, and more. Where does your organisation excel?

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"You can buy a man's time, you can buy a man's physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of skilled muscular motions per hour or day. But you cannot buy enthusiasm; you cannot buy initiative; you cannot buy loyalty; you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds and souls. You have to earn these things.Clarence Francis, Chairman General Foods

How to Enter

Your workplace culture will never be a fait accompli. It is constantly evolving, and it is particular to your organisation. Business Culture Award entries capture those steps taken on your ongoing culture journey. You need to have achieved a measurable impact, but it’s the end of the chapter, not of the book.

How To Enter

Steps & FAQs

Take a look at the categories, to find out which are best suited to your work.
Request your Entry Kit here
When you're ready to start your entry, create an account on the Award Entry Platform.
Complete the 4 key entry questions, saving this in progress. You can go back to it as many times as you like.
Attach up to 3 supporting documents to your submission.
Submit your entry, according to the Rules of Entry.
You can also refer to these handy FAQs or contact the team directly at team@businesscultureawards.com

Top Tips for Entering

Include specific examples of activities that took place, to underpin the broader story.
Incorporate targets, results and other metrics, including for example, the number of people involved, ROI, other organisational impact measures etc.
Clearly describe how your approach has advanced your workplace culture.
Include the timescales this took place within.
Steer clear of jargon and remember that the judges do not know your business inside out as you do.
Write concisely; and tell a powerful and engaging story.
You must enter before the deadline or your entry will not be judged.
Keep within the word limits. These have been created to offer enough capacity to fully explain your entry.

Entry Fees

Early Bird Entry - £125 + VAT per entry (Entries paid for by Fri 26th April and submitted by Fri 5th July)
NGO/Non-Profit Organisation Entries - £125 + VAT per entry (Entries paid for and submitted by Fri 5th July)
All other Entries - £250 + VAT per entry

Payment can be made via credit card on the Award Entry Platform. If you require an Invoice prior to making payment, please select this option on the platform or email us at team@businesscultureawards.com. Your entry cannot be submitted for judging until payment has been received.

  • "We are very happy and excited to have won the Business Culture awards in two prestigious categories. Winning these awards motivates us to work harder to do better and bigger things in the future. Appreciate you sharing the judges’ feedback which I am sure will help all of us in improving and coming out with more impactful award submissions next year.

    Chief Values Officer, UST

  • "We were absolutely thrilled with the recognition! I appreciate you sending promotional assets along with judging comments: these not only help us promote the win, but also bring back a few learnings for our future initiatives

    Employer Brand Strategist, Personio

Meet Our Judges

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Business Culture Connected Events

Join us for fantastic sessions of learning and connection, alongside HR and other business leaders, and focus on how to create and sustain a positive and purposeful culture in your organisation.

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