Principal Partner: CultureIQ

We are delighted to be working closely with CultureIQ as Principal Partner for the 2018/19 Awards & Events, championing culture management which turns employee data into strategy and action. In the words of Paul Kuenstler, Managing Director of CultureIQ (pictured), “It’s really critical to get employees engaged, to get people aligned to the business objective, and to get people ready to adapt to change when they need to.”

CultureIQ is the leading global culture management company empowering organisations to transform their culture into a competitive advantage. Over 25% of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies and 33% of the Fortune 500 have realised the benefits of partnering with CultureIQ to align company culture with business goals.

CultureIQ was founded as a SaaS platform in 2013 by CEO Greg Besner. In 2018 CultureIQ merged with CEB’s Workforce Surveys & Analytics to strengthen the company’s strategic support services, proprietary research, and benchmarked data. Today, CultureIQ offers a proven approach to culture management—one powered by industry-leading strategists, flexible technology, and a validated research framework. This approach empowers company leaders with the results and recommendations to measure, understand and strengthen company culture.

CultureIQ provides the ongoing organisational insight that makes what’s good for people, good for business.