Coaching Mentoring and personal development
Coaching Mentoring and personal development

Quirk Solutions

Quirk Solutions is a change-led consultancy that helps business leaders to empower their most valuable assets - people. Our frameworks focus on enhancing and measuring organisational culture, enhanced decision-making, change and transformation, and effective communication.

Our culture diagnostic and measurement capability is highly sought-after. We combine established frameworks for measuring organisational culture and leadership into one market leading assessment with the results helping leaders understand what areas they need to address and why through measuring the current and desired culture of an organisation.

Culture is said to be the performance differentiator between similar businesses. Why?

• A positive culture boosts employee satisfaction, leading to higher productivity and lower turnover. It enhances employee engagement, commitment, and emotional attachment to their work.
• A strong culture attracts top talent seeking an environment aligned with their values and goals. It plays a critical role in retaining talent by fostering loyalty, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose.
• A positive culture enhances productivity by motivating and empowering employees. It directly impacts the performance of individuals and teams within the organisation.

Our approach to culture has been proven to improve employee engagement with our recent client, Drax Power Plant, seeing a 28% increase in employee engagement due to our culture framework.

We have also solved problems for a variety of clients over the last decade such as The Brain Tumour Charity, Selbey Anderson, Govia Thameslink and a range of public sector organisations like the NHS and Cabinet Office.

Our framework has been proven to successfully tackle client challenges around:

• Diagnosing & Changing Organisational Culture
• Transformation & Change
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Leadership & Teams

Chris Paton, Managing Director at Quirk

Chris Paton, Managing Director says: ‘I was once told that ‘Culture is your only differentiator’. In a world where talent is hard to attract, retain and re-skill, understanding with absolute clarity whether we have a powerfully attractive culture, and the micro-cultures between teams/departments, is more important than ever.’

Chris spoke at our recent Business Culture Connected conference on 9th May.



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