New Partner Announcement: Business Culture Awards & Hive Learning

A new partnership to develop and recognise diverse & inclusive organisations

The teams at Business Culture Awards & Events and Hive Learning are delighted to launch a new partnership, which will see a further emphasis on Diversity & Inclusion and on how organisations are striving to build inclusive cultures.

Cath Longfield, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at the Business Culture Awards commented “Over the past few years, we’ve seen more concrete examples of diverse teams and organisations driving innovation and creativity. A greater number of organisations are committed to building teams that reflect the customer bases and communities they serve.” She added: “The most forward-thinking companies are not only increasing diversity, but enabling this diverse talent to bring their best selves to work and enabling an employee experience that actually feels inclusive.”

Having built Kaleidoscope, the world’s first diversity & inclusion programme based on over 1,000 pieces of research and case studies, Hive Learning are fast-establishing themselves as an authority on creating inclusive culture. Director of Content and Diversity & Inclusion Practice, Fiona Young, spearheaded the development and launch of Kaleidoscope and now also hosts the popular Inclusion Works podcast, interviewing leading authorities on D&I.

“While Kaleidoscope is based on complex and robust D&I theory and learnings and underpinned by a powerful technology platform, what it engenders in organisations is actually very simple. It enables people to tap into gaps in their knowledge in a very personalised way and drives them to regularly practise critical behaviours that bring inclusivity to life.”

Young adds: “When you multiply this across teams, functions and sites, it’s exciting to see change happening at scale, and an inclusive culture taking shape in weeks and months, not years. The most rewarding part of my job has been to put the tools at people’s fingertips and then to see them owning and debating the knowledge with their peers; celebrating inclusive behaviours and calling out the times where they themselves, or their colleagues, have fallen short.”

The Business Culture Awards gives organisations a way to celebrate work which sets up their employees to succeed but, just as importantly, it’s designed to give practitioners the chance to share in and learn from leading approaches and apply these insights within their own businesses. Through the growing Business Culture Community, they can access case studies, partnership insights, events and networking opportunities, focussed on D&I or any other key area of interest.

Read more about the new partnership here, or to find out about how you can get involved with the Business Culture Awards & Events visit our homepage