Hive Learning Launches the Inclusion Works Leaders Network

A digital community for Diversity & Inclusion Leaders

Building a more diverse and inclusive workforce remains a priority for many of the world’s most forward-thinking organisations. But recent data tells us that progress isn’t just slow, it’s completely stalled.

In their latest State of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech report, Atlassian identified a 50% decrease in individual participation in company-wide D&I initiatives. Mandatory unconscious bias training coupled with slow progress means people are falling out of love with the D&I agenda.

Not only that, but opinions are divided on where focus should be placed to see the most impactful results because the definitions of the teams used to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace are ever-evolving.

That’s why we’re excited our friends at Hive Learning have launched a new community for D&I leaders and culture visionaries to swap ideas, share insights, and troubleshoot challenges so that we can all make progress faster.

The peer learning platform has always been passionate about empowering every person in every organisation to make small changes to be more inclusive every day, and that’s what the Inclusion Works Leaders Network is all about. The online community is a space for culture leaders to connect with other senior peers from diverse companies, industries and countries to swap ideas and insights on powerful tactics and troubleshoot the most pressing challenges to put inclusion into action on the ground, every day.

Hive Learning was recently recognised alongside Barclays for their work in unleashing the power of digital social learning within the banking sector to empower change at the 2019 Business Culture Awards on 14 November 2019.

Hive Learning together with Barclays won the ‘Best Learning Culture’ award for successfully transforming their culture from one where collaboration and sharing wasn’t the norm to a culture where proactive learning and collaboration became part of daily routine for 95% of learners.

Hive Learning’s work in the D&I space began in 2018 with the launch of Inclusion Works, a habit-forming digital inclusion program designed to take people on a journey from awareness to action through learning anytime, anywhere, together — and from each other. The program was born out of a need from various clients asking for help in moving the needle on their D&I agenda.

As Hive Learning built the toolkit and spoke with 100s of diversity and inclusion leaders, they realised these insights needed to be shared far and wide. This led to the launch of the Inclusion Works podcast in 2019.

As part of Hive Learning’s mission to build a more inclusive world, in the summer of 2019, they began publishing key insights and learnings, and free content on essential inclusive management skills on their website. The Inclusion Works Leaders Network is the latest instalment of their Inclusion Works initiative.

Hive Learning CEO Angus McCarey said of the launch:
“At Hive Learning, we live and breathe collaboration. As a peer learning platform, we strongly believe that tapping into the power of your peers is how you help each other go faster — because it’s networks that innovate and drive change. So our mission drove us to create the digital toolkit initially, then the podcast, and now a network for leaders.
“We’re on a mission to build the world’s best family of digital products in the D&I space and we’re not finished yet. In the Inclusion Works Leaders Network, culture leaders can swap ideas, troubleshoot challenges, and access practical tools and fresh insights. We hope to see you there.”

If you’d like to become a member of the Inclusion Works Leaders Network, you can
sign up here.

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