Sunbeam Studios

Creating a positive work environment that’s cutting edge, profitable and sustainable can be challenging in fashion and film where sustainability has only become a buzzword in the last couple of years. And especially when you are a small but growing business with pressures on time and budget.

But Roxy Erickson, Director of Sunbeam Studios, has been putting sustainability at the heart of the photographic studio from the beginning.

Since 2005, Sunbeam has only used renewable energy and Roxy ensures that each staff member feels ownership around a sustainability goal of their choosing. When they had pushed the business as far as they could go on their own, Roxy invested her personal time in gaining a Business Sustainability Management Certification through the University of Cambridge so they could keep going. Everyone at Sunbeam was involved in creating its first Sustainability Report and able to take what they learned from it to evolve the studio’s sustainability plans for the future. The goal is to become carbon neutral in 2021 and staff apply what they’ve learned throughout the business and day to day.

"Each staff member feels ownership around a sustainability goal of their choosing"

As well as helping to care for the environment, Roxy has created a caring culture for Sunbeam’s staff. She includes her team in the hiring process so the potential new team member really knows whether the job is right for them before coming on board. In her spare time she spreads the word, attending and contributing to networking panels on sustainability and consulting other industry professionals on how they can be more sustainable.

Sunbeam is one of the top five photo studios in London with regular clients including Rihanna, Stella McCartney, Vogue, Victoria Beckham and Tatler and is proof that businesses can be both sustainable and successful. During Roxy’s tenure its turnover has more than doubled and they’ve gone from two to 14 permanent staff and around 25 freelancers.