Lloyds Banking Group: A beacon of cultural excellence and innovation

In the world of finance and banking, excellence is not just a goal, it is a necessity. But for Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) excellence is not just about numbers and figures, it is also about culture, diversity and innovation. Celebrating an astounding ten wins in six years at the prestigious Business Culture Awards…. Read More

Lloyds Banking Group’s Data & Tech Academy transforms learning and skills development, saving costs and fostering a tech-driven culture

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) is one of the largest employers in the UK but, like so many organisations, faces a major skills shortage in the technical field, the single biggest barrier to its future economic success. It was relying on costly contractors and struggling to recruit the volume of technical resources required for key roles, such as engineering, data and cybersecurity…. Read More

Lloyds Banking Group takes research-based action to support employees with cancer

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) became a founding member of the Working with Cancer Pledge initiated by media company Publicis Group in December 2022. With support from top executives LBG aimed to create a workplace culture where employees impacted by cancer could feel supported and bring their whole selves to work. By carefully crafting pledges that incorporated the respective journeys of people with a diagnosis… Read More

Mortgage Advice Bureau builds a nourishing and engaging culture

In 2021, Mortgage Advice Bureau redefined its company mission and vision. After pandemic restrictions were lifted, the company wanted to motivate people to return to the office to reinforce the culture and further enhance collaboration and communication. At the centre of this strategy was the renovation and repurposing of MAB’s head office to support a hospitable environment… Read More