10 Top Tips for Better Working Lives

HR and Transformation leader Morag Norwood shares her perspective on today’s working environments and practices, and how to successfully adapt these across different companies and sectors in order to create a more compelling employee experience; a positive, productive culture and better working lives … Read More

The Kindness Myth at work

“Everyone here is really kind to one another” is a sentence you hear repeatedly when discussing culture with leadership teams. It’s something they tend to say with pride and satisfaction. And why wouldn’t they?

Kindness is what any good leader should be striving to foster, isn’t it?

Or is it?… Read More

Building Culture that Sticks

There is a lot of talk about company culture, how important it is, how we all want a positive company culture, how potential employees rate company culture and just how much ‘nicer’ it is to work for a company that has it. Yet, the realtime ability to build it remains elusive for many… Read More

Peldon Rose, Enriching our workplace culture through a people-first approach

Peldon Rose understands the importance of its culture and the role it plays in business success but this had been impacted by time apart during the pandemic. The challenge was to reunite and reengage people, to create magic moments, spark connections, inspire belief and support people’s purpose with moments of joy – in a safe and protected environment.
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ISS World Services A/S, Putting People & Partners First

ISS is responsible for the delivery of Integrated Facilities Management for a banking client in more than 30 countries; enabling them to do their best work. With 80,000+ Bank colleagues and 6,000+ ISS colleagues, this introduced many complexities at the onset of the pandemic.
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GAMA Healthcare, Leading With Purpose

GAMA was upscaling rapidly, leading to a need for better communication and a unified approach in order to lead the business effectively and deliver on the purpose. It was important to re-engage everyone…
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