Webinar On-Demand: Delivering meaningful change…even in the face of resistance


Change is tough and can sometimes even be unwelcome. Mindsets and behaviours need to be changed and it’s a gradual process which needs to take into account different segments of the workforce with different needs.

During this session our speakers discussed:

• Change and transformation initiatives in their respective organisations, or organisations they work with, impacting on their culture and people.
• How buy-in has been achieved from senior leaders and the employees themselves and to what extent a top-down or bottom-up approach has worked best.
• What specific initiatives or solutions within the change process have been especially effective at engaging people who were initially resistant.
• Methods that have been used to measure the success of the change process, from behaviour changes through to business performance data.

This session was led by The Employee Experience Project, experts in culture cultivation. They specialise in partnering with HR Leaders to boost the energy and purpose in their culture work, enabling them build a strong vision of what a great culture would look like for their business and providing the metrics, development and specialist support they need to activate their peers and wider colleagues to make change a reality. You can learn more about their approach at the www.TheExProject.com

Speakers: Karen Terry-Weymouth, HR Strategy Director, University of Warwick, Philip Vickers, Director of HR UK & USA, Charles Tyrwhitt and Paula Brockwell, Founder and Lead Psychologist, The Employee Experience Project
Hosted by Katie Jacobs, Award-Winning Business Journalist and Editor

Session Themes: Transformation, Mindsets & Behaviours