Panel Discussion: Working Environments & Practices: Why Does it Matter Where and How We Work?


The nature of work has undergone significant transformation, reshaping traditional working environments and practices. Organisations have experienced remote, hybrid, and flexible work, the 4-day working week, designated “no email” or “no meeting” days and more. A common approach has been simply to experiment and see; throwing things at the wall in a bid to “see what sticks”. Research over the past several months on the impact of these practices has presented us with findings that give us anything but a clear picture.

The panel explored the importance of where and how we work, shedding light on the various factors that influence productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall wellbeing, how to balance all of these and whether we should take a different approach depending on company size, sector, or location.

Key Questions Explored:

  • How do different physical environments (office, remote, hybrid) affect employee productivity and creativity?
  • What role does workplace design play in fostering collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement?
  • How can organisations create inclusive and equitable work environments that cater to diverse needs and preferences?
  • What are the potential benefits and challenges associated with remote work, and how can they be effectively managed?
  • How do flexible work arrangements influence work-life balance and employee wellbeing?
  • What are the implications of emerging technologies (e.g., AI, automation, virtual reality) on future work environments and practices?
  • How can organisations strike a balance between privacy and collaboration in modern work settings?
  • What are the psychological and social factors that contribute to a positive work environment, and how can they be cultivated

This engaging panel explored the critical question: “Why does it matter where and how we work?”

Panel: Lisa Massey, Human Resources Director, SOCOTEC, Sophie Grant, Principal Strategy Consultant, Peldon Rose, Kerry Taylor-Smith, People Director, Spirit Health and Panel Chair: Jihan Ahmed, Head of Employer Brand, Personio

Session Themes:  Flexible, Remote & Hybrid Work, Talent, Employee Experience, Wellbeing, Employee Engagement, DEI