Webinar: How to Build a Culture of Innovation

Webinar: Harnessing Innovative Solutions to Drive Culture Change

Michael Britt, VP Energy Innovation Centre, Southern Company – “A People-First Approach to Driving Innovation”

Southern Company is one of America’s premier energy companies. With extensive experience in the sector, Michael has spent his career creating and executing innovative solutions to the most complex issues. He will be sharing the award-winning story of how Southern Company recognised the power of its employees as a problem-solving resource and opened the Energy Innovation Centre to harness their ideas more effectively for innovation, collaboration and engagement of employees across 11 states. Southern Company are Innovation Award Winners, Business Culture Awards 2019

Sam Smith, VP & Global Practice Lead, Life Sciences & Healthcare, KellyOCG – “Ditching the Script to Embrace the Future of Work”

Sam is a champion for new talent and a passionate speaker on engagement, inclusivity and the future of work. As a global talent organisation, KellyOCG are encouraging us all to ditch the script on talent, starting with a strong cultural DNA as a foundation for innovation. Sam will be sharing insights into how to stand out from the crowd and create purpose, innovation and cohesion, with values that are clearly defined at every level of the business. KellyOCG are Lead Partners of the Business Culture Awards 2020.

This webinar was hosted and introduced by Cath Longfield, Head of Marketing, Business Culture Awards.

Read the Southern Company Innovation Case Study here