Vodafone Group Enterprise Operations

Led by Gary Adey, Vodafone Group Enterprise Operations is the front line for Vodafone, ensuring their services run smoothly across the globe 24/7 in 150 countries. This scale posed the challenge of forging a cohesive global team, uniting 1,200 people to deliver a truly excellent customer experience based on a culture of trust, speed and simplicity.

"Excellent customer experience alongside a culture of trust, speed and simplicity"

This was achieved by linking the Vodafone brand ‘red’ with the concept of an unbreakable front line – The Red Line. To spread enthusiasm within the group, Yammer was used as an interactive, fast and digital way of ensuring strong team engagement and reminding employees of company values. Red brush strokes were added across individual team profile pictures so that all could be a visual part of this movement.

Great work from individuals was publicly recognised in a competitive way, with the best selected to be pioneers as voted for by the user community. A launch video was filmed, and a branded team kit was produced. The Red Line has helped to foster a culture of collaboration, celebrating success and sharing.

By the end of the first 12 months, their Yammer group boasted 2,000 members who had shared over 2,000 stories. In the year following the launch of The Red Line, employee satisfaction scores were up by 27%, customer satisfaction doubled and time to resolve customer incidents halved.

Other divisions of the Vodafone business have shown interest in adopting The Red Line as a way to position their brand as stronger to customers. The Red Line is a cultural umbrella encouraging the team to generate ideas, think more innovatively and come up with great ways to care for customers.