Eugenio Pirri, Dorchester Collection

But back in 2011 each hotel had an individual HR function focusing purely on employee relations and training. The DC brand was not recognised and this was having a negative … Read More

Peel L&P

“All attendees recieve a personal invitation letter from the Deputy Chairman” Moving forward Peel L&P have further developed their culture through a launch of their new People Promise, Vision and … Read More


“Prioritising agility to foster a culture of growth” At the last leadership event, 88% of leaders agreed that they had grown the organisation’s agile leadership capabilities, and 95% felt that … Read More

James Devine, Medway NHS Foundation Trust

James and the team immediately set out to build professionalism within the service and lead the strategy to turnaround the Trust’s unsustainable agency spend, which was reduced by 55% within … Read More

Standard Chartered + Cirrus

Following the appointment of CEO Bill Winters in 2015, Standard Chartered wanted to drive smarter growth in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. The bank was keen to … Read More

London South Bank University + JCA Global

He appointed a new executive team and Director of Organisational Development with a focus on transforming leadership, culture and engagement. These restructures disrupted staff, many of whom took severance. LSBU … Read More