Wunderman Thompson, The Catalyst Academy

The Catalyst Academy was created as a programme where talent could get to know the industry and the company and ultimately to develop future marketeers for the sector. Designed to be the opposite of a traditional graduate programme, the academy is rooted in the belief that a diverse process will deliver a diverse pool of candidates. By bringing in fresh talent and fresh perspectives, the company would also have the best chance of future proofing clients’ businesses.
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As a world leader in global, mobile satellite communications Inmarsat is acutely aware of the shortage of diversity in the Engineering and Technology sector…
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Sainsbury’s + t-three: Trainee Manager Programme

Background In 2018 supermarket group Sainsbury’s, which employs 178,000 people in the UK, completed one of its largest reorganisations to meet the challenges of today’s fiercely competitive retail food market. … Read More

Post Office Ltd

Background The Post Office boasts the biggest retail network in Europe, with 11,500+ branches in the UK. Whilst a common misconception is that they solely sell mails and stamps, they … Read More

Drive Forward Foundation

Background More than 70,000 young people are in care in the UK, with 2,000 leaving the system embarking into independence each year in London. Drive Forward Foundation provides personal support … Read More

Volkswagen Group (2019)

Background The Volkswagen Group Graduate Scheme was established 5 years ago to attract and retain fresh talent and thinking of the highest calibre. 40 graduates have completed the scheme in … Read More

Veran Performance

Background Addressing the enormous untapped potential for HR professionals to impact and improve upon the businesses in which they work, Veran Performance has led myHRcareers as a platform enabling these … Read More