Be Caring revolutionises homecare through leadership, financial stability and a valued workforce


When Sharon Lowrie was brought in as interim finance director at the then named CASA Homecare she uncovered a litany of issues. The organisation was months away from liquidation, with significant debt, an isolated and disengaged 750-strong frontline workforce and branches operating as if they were separate from the organisation and leadership team. The situation was dire.


In 2018 Sharon was appointed to CEO to achieve short-term financial stability and transform the organisation’s culture. A six-month plan was implemented to stop the organisation losing money, including payment plans, a review of local contracts and restructuring the finance team. The leadership team was restructured, and a rebranding initiative involved employees in co-designing a new vision, mission and values. With the opportunity to ‘start again’ the organisation changed its name to Be Caring in 2019 to reflect the move to values-based approach.

In addition, local management structures were established to share accountability and reduce the burden on individual managers, and the organisation implemented a new model of homecare with shift pay to value and reward the workforce. All care workers are now employed at employed at their contracted hourly rate for the full time they are out at work, including all contact and travel time and training. As Sharon says: “If we value our workforce and pay people properly, then we can transform homecare.”


The results of the new strategy are outstanding. Be Caring has transformed its financial position and organisational culture as well as implementing a successful new model of homecare and improving care quality and employee satisfaction. It achieved financial stability by repaying debts and generating profits for the first time in its history.

The organisation has improved colleague satisfaction and engagement over four years, with high Net Promoter Scores as both a care provider and a place to work, with scores in each regarded as ‘excellent’ in the sector. The new shift pay model in Leeds demonstrated increased earnings, improved care delivery, better time management and increased carer continuity and length of service. Be Caring became the best-performing homecare service in Leeds, successfully keeping people out of the hospital for longer compared to other providers. Service user feedback in Leeds showed high ratings for care quality, dignity and respect, independence support and confidence in the care team, while colleague feedback indicated improvements in training, feeling valued, having their opinions heard and receiving necessary support. No wonder Be Caring is now implementing the new model of homecare across all its services, enhancing the now-embedded values and culture.