Revium Group

Revium Group comprises a community of award-winning companies. The main subsidiary, Retail Marketing Group (RMG), aims to improve the way consumers engage with and purchase technology. They faced the challenge of increasing engagement and boosting communication across a large, remotely based and rapidly expanding workforce. To appeal to the majority of their tech-savvy employees, there was an expectation to create something different from traditional engagement platforms within an immediate 12-month window.

"Increasing engagement and boosting communication across a rapidly expanding workforce"

The project began with visiting employees around the UK to truly understand people’s needs. The project team then reached out to external organisations such as Vodafone for an insightful look at how they went about their own internal engagement projects.

Focus groups, spanning all levels of the business, helped to test versions of the engagement app, create initial content and design the branding. Closer to launch, initiatives such as asking people to name the new app built excitement within the business. ‘Teaser’ days showcased new elements of the app and helpful feedback was gathered to improve functionality.

RMG Loop was launched in August 2016 following 1,000 development hours and the involvement of over 150 employees. One of the main attractions of RMG Loop is the employee recognition incentive ‘Be Awesome,’ through which users can award value badges to anyone within the group. The social media feed is also widely used every day, enabling users to feel supported and connected.

With no prior app-building experience, a small but ambitious team at Revium were committed to launching RMG Loop whilst the group underwent two large restructures. The project was fully delivered in-house, demonstrating great initiative. Since launch, overall engagement has increased by 4%, satisfaction levels by 12% and communication satisfaction levels by 20%.