Resilience Development Company

Resilience Development- Company

The financial industry was going through a sustained period of significant change causing its people to exhibit signs of low resilience; resistance to change, fractured relationships and low levels of confidence and pride.
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Peel L&P

“All attendees recieve a personal invitation letter from the Deputy Chairman” Moving forward Peel L&P have further developed their culture through a launch of their new People Promise, Vision and … Read More

Sainsbury’s + t-three (2020)

The company wanted a programme to accelerate high potential employees into leadership positions. Delivered by internal L&D managers, it required a deep understanding of the business and the technical/behavioural skills … Read More

Moneysupermarket Group

As a vibrant fintech company, traditional learning programmes were not suitable and thus Freedom to Grow was born, designed to create a genuine shift in culture. Research established that blockers … Read More

Jaguar Land Rover + t-three

“A consistent, high-quality approach to line management on a global scale” Through the Great Line Manager programme, JLR were able to mature the business to reflect their scale and complexity, … Read More

John West Foods

Through active engagement in strategic business projects in collaboration with the JW Exec team, the group members have grown in confidence and capability with one member moving onto the Exec … Read More

Standard Chartered + Cirrus

Following the appointment of CEO Bill Winters in 2015, Standard Chartered wanted to drive smarter growth in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. The bank was keen to … Read More

Transport for London + t-three

“TfL delivers transformational change to the London Underground on a massive scale” Peer-to-peer learning was a key enabler for individual transformation in leadership and management, facilitating behavioural change, ticketing knowledge … Read More


“Aspire has helped Dimensions improve retention and career development, and the lives of those they support” A staff survey in 2014, however, revealed that almost two-thirds of respondents thought that … Read More