DP World (2020)

Global logistics company DP World has a portfolio of over 150 operations in over 45 countries across six continents. Its diverse workforce encompasses more than 46,000 employees from 120 countries. In 2016 a YouGov survey showed that only 10% of parents in the United Arab Emirates believed trade and logistics was a good career prospect for their children, a concern given that 90% of all goods and freight is shipped, so there is a need to attract new talent to the sector.

"It instils awareness about value of trade while addressing schools' regular curriculum"

To tackle these perceptions while also enhancing existing employee satisfaction, skills and commitment, DP World developed the Global Education Programme. The programme is delivered by employees in schools across the world through volunteering leave. It is designed to instil awareness about global trade and the value of trade while addressing the school’s regular curriculum, particularly in developing economies where DP World has presence. The company worked with specialist education agency EdComs and consulted with teachers.

Modules include what sustainability means and how ports and shipping can be sustainable; illegal wildlife trade and how to tackle it; how maths improves the efficiency of container transport; and which geographical features make a good location for a new port. They are available to different age groups, for example for 8-11 year-olds there is a series of illustrated characters representing DP World’s diverse workforce. Employees receive lesson plans, guidance, activities and worksheets to enable an engaging session.

DP World aims to reach 34,000 young people by 2020, with 70% reporting a positive impact. So far the programme has run in 21 countries. Feedback finds 96.6% of pupils saying they learnt something new, 97.3% of teachers saying it provided something their school could not and 94.5% saying they would recommend DP World as an employer to pupils. Meanwhile 96% of employees say it improved their commitment to DP World, 97.5% that it improved their communication skills and 94.4% that job satisfaction had improved.