Home Office

Through its Diversity and Inclusion strategy ‘Inclusive by Instinct’, the Home Office is committed to supporting the ambition of making the Civil Service the most inclusive employer in the UK by 2020. At the core of this are twin priorities: widening representation of underrepresented groups, and building a welcoming, inclusive environment.

A key challenge faced by the UK Home Office is widening the representation of BAME staff at senior levels and in specific roles such as in the Ministers’ Private Office. These roles have been traditionally regarded by BAME staff as ‘preserved’ for fast-streamers and non-BAME colleagues. The Home Office’s BAME staff support network – The NETWORK – is working to remove this false, self-limiting belief.

"Supporting the ambition of making the Civil Service the most inclusive employer in the UK by 2020"

The NETWORK implemented initiatives to address a lack of diversity in the workforce in the Home Secretary’s and Minister’s Private Offices, traditionally perceived as prestigious, exclusive and ‘not for’ most BAME staff. They worked in partnership with Private Office to ensure diversity-friendly and inclusive language in all advertisements, and included targeted Positive Action Statements to actively encourage BAME applicants.

These targeted interventions have not only increased engagement (WWL reached its target to be in the top 10% of NHS Trusts in 2014 and has sustained this), and increased productivity but they have reduced sickness costs and, most importantly, had a huge impact on patient care. WWL achieved an 86% reduction in harms to patients between 2007/2008 and 2014/2015, a 93% reduction in C Difficile cases, its A&E was one of the few NHS Trusts to achieve the 95% target in 2015/16 and it has been awarded cleanest hospital for several years since 2011, including in 2019.

It has not stopped there though. WWL is now helping others to develop positive cultures. It has partnered with 13 NHS Trusts and is speaking with several other public sector organisations. With features and enhancements on the way, it plans to take Go Engage to the private sector. A true example of modelling the change it wants to see – internally and externally.