Conference Introduction, Business Culture Connected 2024


Business Culture Connected 2024: Delivering Productivity and Performance

Exceptional culture is the foundation for accelerating organisational performance. The Business Culture Awards and Business Culture Connected were established by Co-Founders Tim Pointer and Cath Longfield 9 years ago when they saw business culture needed more research, focus and attention. In that time the team have:

  • Showcased achievement and winning approaches from over 500 different organisations
  • Enabled peer-to-peer learning for over 5k members of the Business Culture Community, to give people access to new tools and insights, so that leaders and teams can do things better

The 2024 conference was entitled “Business Culture Connected: Delivering Productivity and Performance” because these aspects are at the fore of workplaces today. 

Companies are constantly needing to increase, or at least maintain, productivity and performance. But how do we ask more of our people and not stretch them beyond breaking point? How do we do it when engagement levels are falling and people may not be willing to put in their discretionary, or even full, effort? How do we do it when top talent may in fact be considering going someplace else?

It’s the 4th Industrial age. A technological age. Technology can increase productivity and performance but this digital transformation is a huge transition and businesses need to guide people through the change in the right way. It’s a huge cultural shift, which can’t happen by itself or be left to chance. Companies who don’t manage this shift carefully, will lose out to those who do.

We’ve also seen what happens to performance when company culture fails. We live in what’s an increasingly socially conscious environment, so we’re seeing more and more high profile issues and allegations around culture and conduct. The risk of reputational and financial damage inflicted by toxic cultures can dominate the headlines. What steps do we need to take to avoid falling prey to this? 

At the 2024 conference we showcased nearly 50 different speakers from 35 different organisations, who generously agreed to share their work. We covered the topics that members of our community told us they wanted to hear about including how to:

  • Ensure Future Workplace Readiness
  • Deliver meaningful change … even in the face of resistance
  • Build Workforce Resilience 
  • Create the Leadership Skills & Behaviours we need now
  • Ensure we have the right Talent with the right skills
  • Lead With Purpose and Values and make sure these are meaningful
  • Refocus Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Strategies and also How Where and When we work

About the Speaker: Jo has been closely involved with the Engage for Success movement as a volunteer since launch, with a personal vision ‘To make workplaces better places to be’. She is a member of the Advisory Board and co-hosts the highly successful weekly Engage for Success radio show. Jo’s ‘day job’ is MD of Woodreed, a specialist ad agency who use the tools, techniques, creativity and insight of the advertising world to engage employees inside organisations.