Harnessing Human Autonomy


Harnessing Human Autonomy – an example for getting the best performance out of your remote workforce through employee engagement in a customer-focussed, scale-up environment

In an ever-changing economic landscape since COVID-19, start-up organisations have faced into a multitude of challenges requiring adaptability, creativity, and resilience in order to support employees.

Established in October 2020, Pace viewed this as an opportunity to establish and nurture a culture that fosters openness, ownership, thinking differently and high performance to prepare it to move from start-up to growth to scale-up stage. Maintaining and evolving this culture with its expanding remote team has been a critical aspect of their strategy to create an innovative culture and operational environment, enabling Pace to deliver its aim to create a better deal for its people and customers by creating environments that thrive.

Gail will talk about the opportunities and challenges that have faced Pace, and the growth ambition, tools, programmes and techniques they’ve implemented as the organisation has matured.

Speaker: Gail Atkins, Head of People, Pace

Session Themes: Culture, Employee Engagement, Performance Appraisal, Remote working, Small/Medium Sized Business, Scale-up business