Craig Joseph & Becky Hunt, intY

intY is an award-winning pioneer for the distribution of Cloud services from the world’s biggest Cloud software vendors. This is underpinned by intY’s phenomenal people and exceptional multi-vendor support.

In the midst of extensive change at intY 4 years’ ago, it was the perfect time for new CEO Craig Joseph to take the reins. He, along with his senior leadership team, in particular Chief People Officer Becky Hunt, set out to change intY’s culture for the better.

They spearheaded this culture change by instilling 6 key values shared across the business; including embracing change and innovation, and building a positive team spirit. To improve communication, Craig and Becky introduced Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) to update
the company on performance and communicate plans. They also instigated a Senior Leadership Team Surgeries initiative; an SLT member hosts an open-door meeting room every month. Additionally, they increased staff survey frequency from annual to fortnightly and implemented working groups to encourage greater collaboration.

"Embracing change and innovation, and building a positive team spirit"

Addressing the recognition deficit, they introduced a ‘kudos’ section to QBRs for staff to show appreciation to colleagues. They also extended invitations for staff doing great work to events previously reserved for senior leadership. In parallel, they encouraged more L&D through a training bonus scheme, and completely renovated the office to create more spaces for socialisation and collaboration.

The transformation has greatly improved culture across the business. Participation in the Employee Survey increased to 89%, with an average of 30% improvement on the previous year’s scores. Notably, 84% feel a strong connection with intY’s brand and culture, and 78% say intY inspires them to be their best at work. intY has also seen hyper-growth in sales and a spike in the number of transacting partners.

The culture journey initiated by Becky, Craig, and the SLT has provided focus on their values and clarity for all, placing the organisation in a position of strength.