Peel L&P

Peel L&P is a regeneration business that owns and manages 12 million sq ft of property and 20,000 acres of land and water. Following the appointment of a new HR team in 2013 an audit of company practices found people management, leadership, culture and communication needed some improvements. Development for all and in particular leadership development was minimal. Turnover in the first year of employment was a massive 40% and much of this was attributed to how individuals were being led and managed within their teams.

"All attendees recieve a personal invitation letter from the Deputy Chairman"

To remedy this Peel L&P worked with Dale Carnegie Training to create a 12-month leadership development programme, Ambition, following a successful pilot. All attendees receive a personal invitation letter from the Deputy Chairman, encouraging participation and recognising their importance to the ongoing success of the company. Line managers are given a guide to help them ask the right questions before and after each session, encouraging them to take time to support the learning experience. Sessions include self-confidence, management skills, dealing with change and the ability to maintain a leader’s mindset. Each day starts with objective setting and is followed by an accountability discussion to ensure learning is put into practice.

Since launch, 130 leaders have been developed and 96% of people now say their manager treats them with respect and appreciates them. Management and leadership effectiveness scores have improved by 14% and 10% respectively. Staff turnover has fallen from 13% to 9% and reasons for leaving have moved away from being about managers in most cases. A return on investment project is now in place and members of the first cohort are mentoring new cohorts. As for the bottom line? Peel L&P has grown by 30% in the last three years – proof that focusing on the impact of culture change drives performance.

Moving forward Peel L&P have further developed their culture through a launch of their new People Promise, Vision and Values in 2019 and will be continuing to embed these through engagement activities, onboarding and development in an exciting 2020.