Refinitiv is a leading provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, serving over 40,000 institutions globally. While the company offers a world class suite of products, customers’ access to products and account management was problematic. The order to cash process was time-consuming, prone to error, and complexity and inefficiencies were embedded in the culture and operational structure. Sales and administrative teams depended on manual systems, making processing orders inefficient. Hand-offs between the teams delayed order form delivery and services to customers.

"Understanding the science behind employee engagement and designing sustainable interventions"

Refinitiv launched a multi-year transformation program, Project Genesis, to streamline and automate operations, create a high-performing sales culture, and provide a better customer experience. This required building an automated sales process to deliver order forms, entitle products, and manage billing, while streamlining internal workflow. The company created a single contract type, one universal online order form, a product selection tool and a single price list. They introduced tech savvy products into their workflow, shifting order processing and invoice generation onto Salesforce and automated order form execution with DocuSign.

Sales representatives now have expanded visibility across account activities, provide tailored support for customers, spend less time on account maintenance and focus efforts on driving new revenue. With order automation, Sales have greater autonomy to close deals quickly, without reliance on other groups or outdated systems.

Over 15,000 accounts have been migrated to the automated sales platform, 500+ enhancements have been delivered, and 200+ countries have been onboarded to a digital experience. Previously, administrative teams revised 80% of sales requests before sending to customers, now, 90% of orders are processed accurately. Refinitiv has seen a six fold improvement in providing their flagship product; and order forms are delivered and signed twice as quickly.

By investing in time-saving, user-friendly processes, Refinitiv delivered a streamlined and simplified experience for sales teams and customers alike.