Webinar with Tech Company intY: Driving a Successful Culture Transformation

Webinar with Tech Company intY: Driving a Successful Culture Transformation

Craig Joseph, CEO, intY – “Navigating culture transformation & change at intY”

intY is an award-winning technology company, distributing Cloud services from the world’s biggest vendors, including Microsoft, to more than 3,000 Partner companies globally. Addressing a historic “command and control” culture as CEO, Craig drew on nearly 30 year’s experience of taking multinational and start-up organisations from Good to Great, across Europe and Asia. Hear the steps both he and Chief People Officer Becky Hunt took to transform ways of working and the physical workspace at intY, with a massive impact on engagement and performance. Craig Joseph and Becky Hunt are Business Culture Champions 2019

Christian Roome, Senior Consultant, CultureIQ – “How to drive a successful digital transformation”

Many companies are embarking on a digital transformation to strengthen their competitive edge. However, a high number of these expensive, time-consuming projects fail. One of the main reasons is that the cultural component is often overlooked. In this webinar, Christian discusses the type of culture you need to drive this type of transformation successfully; how to move towards the desired state; as well as what you should measure. CultureIQ are Principal Partners of the Business Culture Awards 2019.

This webinar is hosted and introduced by Cath Longfield, Head of Marketing, Business Culture Awards.

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