Six years ago Schroders, one of the world’s leading asset managers, launched a project to relocate its global headquarters to 1 London Wall Place in 2018, bringing the majority of its 2,500-strong London workforce into one place. The project was an innovative opportunity to create a modern, inspiring and efficient working environment that employees
would be proud of and enjoy coming to work in, as well as supporting the firm’s focus on attracting, retaining and developing a deep pool of talent.

"An uplifting environment that would attract and develop a deep pool of talent"

A change network of 150 representatives was formed to ensure employees’ needs were considered and the end result was geared towards supporting an environment focused on collaboration and wellbeing. The headquarters include substantial green space encompassing over 35,000 square foot of roof terraces, new public gardens and elevated walkways. There is a wellbeing suite which offers on-site dentistry, GP, nurse, physio and cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as access to a multi-faith room. The building also offers shower facilities and bike spaces for those who run or cycle to work.

To ensure maximum natural daylight, employee workspace is focused towards the windows around the outskirts of each floor, while amenities such as training rooms, the gym and restaurant spaces also benefit from an abundance of natural light.

Affirming these efforts, a survey conducted eight months after the move revealed that 83% of UK employees said Schroders’ management is interested in the wellbeing of their employees - 13% above the UK financial services industry norm. An impressive 91% of UK employees said they would also recommend Schroders as a good place to work - 12% above the UK financial services industry average.